Anyone can host a Baby Shower for the new Parents-to-Be. It can be a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. Talk with her co-workers, her friends and her relatives about it. If no one else seems to be showing any interest……TAKE THE PLUNGE.

Many people are electing to hold the shower after the birth of the Baby. This way the appropriate color clothing and other gifts can be given. It also gives Mom an easy way to have all of her friends and family see the Baby.

If you choose a weekend, plan your shower in the early afternoon. People like to sleep in on the weekend. An afternoon Baby Shower is probably going to be longer than 2 hours. A great time for a weekend afternoon Baby Shower would be to start around 1 or 2 p.m. The average Baby Shower last’s from 2 to 4 hours in duration.

Showers are normally held in the home of the host / hostess. Hosting the shower at your home can be a great way for your Guests to bond with one another and still have a fun Party. This will also be less costly than renting a facility.

Ask the Guest-of-Honor her thoughts about children attending. Children can be distracting and soon the focus of the Baby Shower is turned to them instead of the Guest-of-Honor. Other Babies could also be a distraction. If this is to be an adults only Party, indicate so in the invitation.

If you do have children present, make sure to include them in the games. Make sure you have a gift for every child so there won’t be anyone crying except the Baby of the celebration.

Whether you are having your invitations made for you or making them yourself, be sure to include all the important details. Here is a list of the details you might wish to include:

  • Name of the Guest-of-Honor
  • Type of Theme if you are having a Theme Party
  • Name, address, email address and contact phone number of the hostess (you)
  • Date and time (both start and end times)
  • Location and directions (out of town Guests will appreciate a map)
  • If and where the Guest-of-Honor is registered
  • Gift suggestions if you have some in mind (ask the Parents-to-Be, relatives or close friends for gift ideas). Indicate if there are any group gifts being planned
  • If the Party is Ladies only or Couples
  • If this is an adults only Party or if there will be children there
  • Indicate if they need to bring something specific (for example – you may want them to bring their own tea cup if it’s a Tea Party Baby Shower)
  • Dress requirements (Theme Parties may involve the Guests dressing to the Theme)
  • Rain plan (if it is an outdoor Party)
  • How and when to RSVP

If this is to be a Surprise Party, make sure you tell all of your Guests so that they don’t spill the beans to the Guest-of-Honor.

When Guests enter the location of the Baby Shower, the Decorations should Immediately put them in the Baby Celebration Spirit.

All Successful Baby Showers include exciting Party Games! Your games can be played at any time during the party. You should try to space them out rather than playing all your games at one time. 3 or 4 Different Games Should be Played during a typical Baby Shower Party!

Play 1 or 2 games at the Beginning of your Party as Ice-breakers. Include each guest introducing themselves and how they know the Mother-to-Be.

Choose games that are EASY to play. If they’re confusing or hard to play, some of your guests will NOT have FUN.

The best thing to do for a tie-breaker is to write down the winners’ names on a slip of paper and draw one of the names out of a hat. It is fitting to have the Guest-of-Honor pull the name. If they have already won a gift from a previous game, most Guests will let the other person claim the gift.

Baby Bottle Ring Toss (Ice-Breaker / Co-ed)

Remove the nipples and nipple rings from several baby bottles. Place the nipples upright inside some sort of large container, (a baby bathtub works great). Have your Guests stand a specified distance away from the large container and try to toss the nipple ring so that it lands around the nipples in the tub. The Guest who gets the most rings around the nipples wins!

Balloon Pop (Ice-Breaker / Co-ed)

Write different baby actions (such as cry like a baby, eat a jar of baby food or drink soda from a baby bottle) on several small pieces of paper. Insert each piece of paper into a separate balloon, inflate the balloon and tie it off. Your Guests must pop the balloons by sitting on them and then complete the baby action written on the paper inside. If you would like to make teams, have one person pop the balloon and the other person perform the action. Time the Guests to determine a winner.

Big Diaper (Ice-Breaker / Co-ed)

This game is similar to musical chairs and hot potato. Pass around a gift box wrapped several times. Tell the Guests that there is a big diaper inside the box and that whoever has the box in the end has to wear the diaper for the rest of the Party. The box is passed around while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding the box takes off a layer of wrapping paper. When it is down to no layers, pass the box around one more time until the music stops. The surprise is that the diaper is really a candy necklace.

Empty That Bottle (Funniest when it is all Men) (Co-ed)

Fill as many 4 oz. (or smaller) baby bottles as you will need with water or juice (something they won’t mind drinking) giving one to each male at the shower. Fill all bottles equally so that it’s fair. Now time the guys (individually is the most fun) with a stopwatch to see who can “empty that bottle” the fastest! This game is really fun! It’s a hoot watching grown men suck from a baby bottle! Make sure you have a “manly” prize for the winner!

Full meals are not usually served at the Baby Shower. It is more common to serve simple finger foods or Tapas style food. Tapas style food is a Spanish term that means many small, individual dishes of food that can act as appetizers or, they can be eaten as an incredibly varied meal. This would be similar to what North American’s would call finger foods.